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Forklift Tire Services
At Omni Industrial Tire, we are committed to keeping our customers up and rolling. We dedicate all of our efforts to the industrial tire customer. In industry, manufacturing, service, construction or agriculture, keeping equipment operational is essential. You can't afford downtime because of tires. That's why we offer the following services.
Professional Service Technicians
In addition to the services we offer at our facilities, we also offer On-Site Mobile Service, which includes:
  • Tire Pressing
  • Mounting
  • Installation
Our technicians are highly qualified, courteous, efficient, and totally focused on your needs.  Our aim is to replace your tire as quickly as possible, and our service goal is same day service on service calls in San Antonio, McAllen, Laredo and Corpus Christi.
Tire Survey and Inspection
The resulting downtime from a tire failure or repair may often cost more money than the tire itself. For this reason, we would like for you to consider joining our Tire Survey Program (TSP) and become proactive about your equipment down time. Our TSP will:
  • Inventory your equipment, tire sizes and report the current condition of your tires.
  • Allow us to recommend alternatives and special products that will help you avoid flats or unnecessary down time.
  • Allow you to better schedule tire changes based on usage.
And – it’s all free – We offer this service, merely for the opportunity and priviledge of providing your industrial tire needs, it’s our way of saying thank you for being our customer.

Tire Flat Proofing
We can guarantee no more flats, even in the worst operating environments, when you have us fill your tires with our Soft Poly Fill. Thorns, nails, scrap metal.... no problem, just roll right over them.
Our premium, heavy duty, preventative maintenance tire sealant was scientifically developed for commercial, industrial and recreational tires that are subject to hard and heavy use.  It seals punctures up to ¼” in standard tires and up to ¾” in heavy ply tires by coating the entire inner surface of the tire and rim.  Installed easily through the valve, you can do it yourself or we’re happy to install it for you. 

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